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Considering Cremation, But Don’t Know Where to Start?

Cremation has become an increasingly popular choice over traditional burial for many reasons. Many people are interested in this option, but remain unsure about other aspects such as their final resting place options, funeral traditions, personal beliefs and more. Family members may be concerned that choosing cremation may appear “cheap” or will eliminate the ability to hold a funeral or ceremony. In reality, cremation offers multiple flexible memorial options that may surprise you. Additionally, there are many benefits to considering cremation in your end-of-life planning as well.

It’s about choices that will carry your legacy

It’s very common to have questions when it comes to considering cremation.
However, there are a number of reasons why cremation may
be the right choice for you or your family:

Allows for Above-Ground or Traditional Burial

Cremains can be memorialized above-ground in urns, mausoleums or even scattered in meaningful locations. They can also be buried in a gravesite or interred in other memorial sites.

Peace Of Mind

A simple yet elegant process grants the family peace of mind, freeing them to focus on healing and leaving more resources to secure their loved one’s legacy.

Unique Legacies

For those looking for more unique memorials, cremains can be crafted into jewelry-ready mini urns, placed in private gardens, benches, scatter at sea options, and glass niches. Even the opportunity to separate cremains amongst family and property.

Have questions?

Our staff at Green Hills Memorial Park understands
the intricacies of life and are here for you
Our staff at Green Hills Memorial Park understands the intricacies of life and are here for you

What Are My Options?

It’s a common misconception that choosing cremation limits the ability for friends or family to
celebrate their loved one’s life. Whatever your financial situation, cremation at Green Hills Memorial
Park allows you to honor their memory in a number of unique and respectful ways:

Keeping your loved one’s ashes with you provides a sense of permanence, respect and maintains an idea of closeness with their memory. This option also allows you to divide the cremains among close friends and family, creating multiple memorials.

These unique offerings allow you to customize your private cemetery within our memorial park by incorporating beautiful stone walls, lush landscaping, personalized memorials and benches.

Glass niches or “memory boxes” are offered in various sizes and shapes and allow families the greatest degree of personalization for a cremation burial.

These beautiful, above-ground burial options are constructed of stunning granite or marble and are offered for single, companion or family selections.

Ground burial offers the ability to bury one or two family members in several diverse areas throughout our park.

Taking a loved one’s ashes to a meaningful place and scattering them honors the deceased and can even be an elegant end to a celebration of life or memorial service.

Green Hills Memorial Park offers flexible financing solutions and multiple burial options so you and your family can enjoy peace of mind. Give us a call to learn more about our financing options.

Cremation Planning Process

Cremation is only one step in the journey of commemorating a life.


Choosing the disposition of remains

Cremation vs. Traditional burial

your wishes

Finalizing paperwork, Payment & Signatures

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Resources So You Can

Plan Ahead

Our families are at the forefront of what we do; we hear them. We are committed to serving them with love and patience every step of the way, while exceeding their expectations.

Our staff at Green Hills understands how important these decisions are. We’ve provided a series of free resources so you and your family can plan ahead:

Download our no-obligation cremation guide for more detailed information on the cremation process:

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Cremation Planning Process