There are several types of indoor cremation options:

Glass Front Niche:

Glass niches or “memory boxes” are offered in a variety of sizes and shapes and allow families the greatest degree of personalization for a cremation burial. These elegant selections are back lit and are often decorated with pictures, memorabilia and keepsakes. The flexibility families are afforded in customizing this final resting place has resulted in it becoming one of the most popular cremation burial options.


There are several types of outdoor cremation options.

Private Gardens and Family Estates:

These exclusive areas represent the finest tributes Green Hills can offer your family and were designed for individuals wanting to keep all their loved ones together in one spectacular setting. These unique offerings allow you to customize your own private cemetery within our memorial park by incorporating beautiful stone walls, lush landscaping, personalized memorials and benches. These select areas are located in the most desirable regions of our park with scenic views of the Pacific Ocean, San Gabriel Mountains and the Palos Verdes hills.

Granite Front Niche:

These beautiful, above ground burial options are constructed of stunning granite or marble and are offered for single, companion or family selections. Immersed in nature, these niches have remained a popular option with our visiting families due to their proximity to streams, waterfalls and scenic vantage points within the park.

Ground burial:

Many of our traditional families prefer this familiar means of cremation burial. Ground burial offers the ability to bury one or two family members in a number of diverse areas throughout our park.

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There are several types of scatter cremation options.

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