Francisco Cortez

Advanced Planning Advisor

Office Phone: (310) 521-4358
FAX: (310) 521-1235


Francisco was born in Santa Ana, El Salvador where he spent his first 6 years of childhood. He and his family migrated to the small Midwest town of Quincy, Illinois at age 7 and remained until graduating from Quincy High School. Francisco continued his education at Weber University in St. Louis earning a degree in International Business with a minor in Spanish.

Soon after graduation Francisco moved to Boston and pursued his passion for tennis, both as a certified USTA coach and professional player.

Prior to Green Hills Memorial Park, Francisco worked for Enterprise Rental as a Customer Service Representative. He attributes his strong understanding of building customer relationships to his five years of experience in that industry.

Francisco found a calling to Green Hills Memorial Park after losing his grandmother unexpectedly to a heart condition. Most notably was seeing firsthand the difficulty to make life long decisions under duress in a matter of a few hours. He has now challenged himself to educate as many families possible on the importance of advanced planning; clearly understanding this is a generous gift to those loved ones left behind.

Francisco recalls a most special moment during the annual Harvest Festival where a young brother and sister were in search of the perfect pumpkin. As they scoured the pumpkin patch together he learned the children had recently lost their father. A connection was made and when the two young children returned to the Let it Snow event, Francisco was there beside them as they decorated an ornament to be placed on the Memorial Christmas Tree in honor of their father.

Traveling the world to places such as Paris and Barcelona are highlights to Francisco’s adventures. He hopes to one day visit Japan and Machu Picchu in Peru. When not at work, you can find Francisco enjoying the outdoors either at the beach surfing, playing sand soccer or enjoying a good book. Finding time to be with his family members is equally important.