Brit Freeman

Family Service Advisor

Office Phone: (310) 521-4305
FAX: (310) 521-4434


Brit's adventurous nature began as a child where she recalls many explorations hiking the trails of Big Dalton Canyon, just above the quaint town of Glendora, CA. Her family heritage is rooted in this mountainous area, linking back to her Great Grandmother, who graced them with 98 years of life. After graduating from Glendora High School, Brit obtained a license in cosmetology intending to become a hair stylist. She finished atop of her class and continues to utilize these skills today.

Her adventures continued as an adult when Brit moved to Queensland, Australia beginning a career at the Dreamcentre Christian Church. She founded the Young Women's Group where she headed the effort to empower, enrich and cultivate the lives of young women. Brit's contributions provided them a place of sisterhood, fellowship and continued support for the challenges life brings. The ability to make an impact on a family's life during a difficult time has been foundational in her being a trusted Advisor today for those suffering the loss of a loved one.

Brit and her two children now call Huntington Beach home. Her chivalrous young son and charismatic daughter keep her constantly on the go. From the hockey rink, to the beach or snow trips to Lake Arrowhead, Brit's children are her joy and inspiration to life.


A close friend mentioned an opportunity for employment at Green Hills and Brit was quickly intrigued. She saw the position to be complimentary to her ongoing desire to make an impact on a family during their darkest hours. Brit has experienced the unexpected and unbearable loss with the passing of her four grandparents; all within a two year span. Her resilience helped her through the adversity and further verified her intent to be there for others in need.

Finding happiness in what you do day in and day out is essential. The joy Brit most treasures is the ongoing relationships where many who have worked with her have scooped her up and treated her like family. From the pop ins at Green Hills just to say hello to coffee chats, she remains motivated to stay on this journey.

If asked about her fondest memory, Brit would easily say "Grandpa Hal". She assisted Hal when his wife passed and was there attending her service witnessing a husband sing to his wife, never faltering in his last words to her. Brit will carry that moment with her forever.


Traveling to Australia & Fiji, golfing in Palm Springs and wine tasting in Temecula remain as favorite destinations. Brit would like to one day also visit the Maldives and Mediterranean Coast.

In the summer you might see Brit at Angel Stadium rooting on her Halos, surfing with her kids or enjoying sushi at her favorite restaurant.